Using the ancient art of aromatherapy, we are able to treat a number of ailments using essential oils and different methods of administering them. Used by the ancient Egyptians, Chinese, and Indians, this form of Eastern medicine is now becoming one of the most relevant treatments for conditions of all types. Together, we have decades of experience in various methods of aromatherapy and can treat even the most severe of conditions using only natural ingredients.

For years, Eastern medicine practitioners have been implementing these practices, and they have been proven beneficial in many different ways. Our method is unlike any other in that we combine aromatherapy with Western medicine practices in order to create a comprehensive approach to treating ailments. And although aromatherapy is still under question by a lot of medical entities, we have found that it is effective in treating conditions including asthma, skin conditions, helping to aid in sleep, providing people with energy, and much more.

What makes aromatherapy so enticing is that it uses all natural ingredients. Essential oils, which are extracted from natural plants and minerals are concentrated versions of their natural parts, each with its own unique healing properties. In order to effectively treat conditions, it is essential that these oils are administered with the utmost knowledge and understanding of what they are designed to do and how they work. Our talented staff full of Berkeley movers is second to none when it comes to knowing which oils to administer and how to derive maximum efficiency in doing so.

When it comes to aromatherapy, having the experience and faith in the practice is what sets us apart from the rest. With the help of Total Health Physical Therapy, we administer the medicine knowing its benefits and where and when it may not be enough to treat the ailment. Because of this, we can give our patients full faith that our methods are the best available and that we know exactly which methods (diffusion, direct inhalation, etc.) will produce the best results. This is why our new practice is the best on the market and why we understand how the medicine works. Aromatherapy is about much more than just using natural ingredients, but also about using other methods of treatment to maximize results.

Over the years, we have seen a variety of patients, including long distance movers and built a long standing track record for success. Our clients are often people that embrace the idea of Eastern medicine, and understand that while it does have its benefits, it cannot necessarily cure everything. As trained medical professionals, we know the limitations of the medicine, but also realize that it provides some medicinal value that simply cannot be found anywhere else in the world. It is this understanding that makes us the prime outlet for aromatherapy and gives us the knowledge needed to administer it properly.

If you’ve ever been curious about aromatherapy, join us in exploring its benefits and showing the world that Eastern medicine has its place in modern medicine. By bridging the gap between the two, we can better understand how natural remedies can work for us.